Crowdfunding provides the opportunity for businesses and individuals to raise funds in a

short period of time (typically 30 days) to fulfill their passion and/or need, or fund your favorite cause. 

Positive Impact Makers, in partnership with the P3 Academy of Social Entrepreneurship,

supports crowdfunding in a unique way. It's called "disruptive innovation".  

Join us to explore how you can crowdfund easily, quickly and with those who want to fund you.





Positive Impact Makers Do Crowdfunding Differently!


What Is Crowdfunding?

Contributing Author, Tanya Prive, wrote in her Forbes article some things that explained crowdfunding, yet also pointed out some flaws, as well as some additional opportunities.


Here is an excerpt from Forbes Magazine's Little Black Book of Billionaire Secrets and Tanya's article. In it, she defined crowdfunding as "the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a  large number of people, typically via the Internet." 


During the seemingly nonstop recession wave, small businesses have struggled to stay afloat, and while entrepreneurs have faced great odds, many gave up. Crowdfunding has offered and still offers entrepreneurs and individuals a chance at success. By showcasing their businesses and projects to the entire world, entrepreneurs have so much more of an opportunity to reach the masses and pursue their passions.


What Can Crowdfunding Help With?


Crowdfunding is the opportunity for you to raise funds for your special cause.

- Is there a special cause or non-profit you support?
- Do you have a financial need? Personal or Business?
- Is there a family member, a friend or associate with a need and you want to help?
- Do you have a project (film, book, course, etc.) you need fund to complete?

You can make a difference in your own life, your business, for your family, friends and associates.


Simply put, Crowdfunding WORX!


With the right plan strategy and the right platform (the one that's best for your campaign), all you need to do is implement


"Anything is only an idea without the action to make it move." V. Lynn Hawkins


Raise Funds for Your Special Cause

- Is there a special cause or non-profit you support?


- Do you have a financial need? Personal or Business?


- Is there a family member, a friend or associate with a need and you want to help?


- Do you have a project (film, book, course, etc.) you need funds to complete?


- Are you a nonprofit organization who has seen the struggle and want to position to stop, expand and be in the flow of abundance.?


Now you can raise funds while helping shape the future of crowdfunding with your personal campaign.





The 5 Essential Steps of the CROWDFUNDING Success Blueprint






Lynn has unlocked the code so you can find out the formula for what makes a successful crowdfunding campaign. In her book, she describes how to go to your heart and see the vision, bring it to your voice and speak the message, to create, execute, lead, and manage your campaign to success.


To get on the list to get notified of the upcoming release, and get a Bonus ... To access 

the 3-part video series "The 4Fs of Crowdfunding", along with the Training Workbook,

and get started putting your ideas on paper, go to:


The Future of Crowdfunding!


Watch this episode of the BIZ Info Zone Show, It's all about a "7-Figure Mindset" where Lynn and Linda talk about the Laws of the Universe that directly relate to giving as a way of increasing your abundance. They even talk a bit about innovative crowdfunding with massive possibilities! It's cool!!


REMEMBER, whatever platform you use, do your due diligence to find out which is best for your campaign. There are over 1200 platforms with varying incentives, fees and perks for users. Consider what's best for your campaign.


Find out how to develop your campaign for success ... CLICK HERE





The Mojo Behind the Dream It! Fund It! Model.


Linda and Lynn are on a mission to introduce you to the concept of crowdfunding for your project, program or special cause. "It's a great business model, and like everything else, there are the exceptional points, and there are the drawbacks. While any campaign requires you know how much you need to raise, there are other aspects to be aware of and this interview will help you understand some of them.


In this interview, you will pick up some tips and ideas that you can use, and that are key to running a successful campaign. 


At the P3 Academy and as a member of our Crowdfunding Facebook Group, you can ...

>> Learn the 4 types of crowdfunding campaigns and which could be best for your campaign.

>> Learn more about crowdfunding to raise money for your cause.

>> Develop a crowdfunding campaign that compels others to contribute.

>> Increase your Leadership and Influencing skills.

>> Do things for pre-launch now so your're ready to move when you launch your campaign .

>> Be a part of a group of like-minded people who have already set the intention to contribute to others in the network with the abundance they are creating for themselves. 

Crowdfunding makes it possible for so many others to get what they need, as you get what you need. It can finally be done like no other opportunity has allowed for.

Your dream, your project, your passion; it's all about to become possible because Crowdfunding WORX


Linda S. Moore, Co-CEO

Retired Emergency Room Nurse, Multi-Million Dollar Spa Owner, Entrepreneur, Crowdfunding and Social Networking Maven

V. Lynn Hawkins, Co-CEO

Crowdfunding , Strategy, Business Development, Business Funding Consultant, Entrepreneur, Social Promo Maven



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